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YouTube For Business and Video SEO

Have you noticed how videos are coming up in the search results when on Google?  There is a reason for that.  That’s because Google realizes that people using their search engine would rather watch a short video than read a bunch of text.  The fact that YouTube is owned by Google should answer the question if you feel your business should be using video marketing as part of it’s overall online marketing strategy.  Businesses use Google AdSense everyday, and yet shockingly most don’t have their own YouTube channel.


Video Results on Google Search

Did you know that more video get’s uploaded every 3 days than from the beginning of television?  Think about that for a minute…


So with that much video being uploaded everyday does your business have a YouTube channel, or an online video marketing strategy?  If not, why?  It does not matter if you’re a plumber, electrician, attorney, cleaning service, or a chiropractor you should have a online video strategy.  I think you would be surprised at how many competitors are using videos to promote their services.


The great news is video for the web is actually not that expensive, which is why any business can do it.  Denver Video SEO is one way to start to grow your business.  Start taking advantage of the power of video marketing today!