Local Marketing Strategy: Value from Digital Marketing

Local Marketing Strategy: Value from Digital Marketing

Since the dawn of the Internet, marketers have regarded it as a vast laboratory, launching experiment after experiment to crack the code that generates sales and customer loyalty. Companies that understand this evolution are now carefully moving digital interactivity toward the center of their marketing strategies, rethinking their priorities and budgets, and substantially reshaping their processes and skills. Not surprising, most have failed because of Local Marketing Strategy. Consumers adopted digital marketing technology as they themselves saw fit, in the process fundamentally altering the way they make purchasing decisions.

Local Marketing Strategy


Through our work with dozens of companies navigating this shifting landscape, we have found that the most successful digital marketers focus on managing four core sources of value as they increase the percentage of marketing and channel spending that is directed to Local Marketing Strategy activities. First, these marketers strategically plot how to gather and use the plethora of digital data now available. Second, they recognize the need to think like a large-scale multimedia publisher as they manage a staggering increase in the content they create to support products, segments, channels, and promotions. Third, they harness interest in their brands by syndicating content that empowers the consumer to build his or her own marketing identity and, in the process, to serve as a brand ambassador. Finally, they coordinate their activities to engage the consumer throughout an increasingly digital purchase journey.

Purchasing Decisions

Yet most companies still concentrate marketing resources on only two stages: brand marketing up front to woo consumers when they first consider products, and promotions at the final point of sale to sway them as they are about to make a purchase. At the simplest level, we’ve always known that consumers tend to go through a multistage journey as they make purchasing decisions, especially in digital marketing wiht Local Marketing Strategy.


Digital marketing technology is changing all that with things like Local Marketing Strategy. This information flow not only empowers consumers but also allows marketing departments to be part of the conversation consumers have as they actively learn about product categories and evaluate choices. Consumers who used to seek out family and friends for word-of-mouth product recommendations now read online reviews, compare features and prices on Web sites, and discuss options via social-networking sites. They just don’t want to feel subjected to the hard sell—they expect marketers to engage them, not dictate to them. In fact, both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) purchasers increasingly want marketers to help them make smart decisions.

Local Marketing Strategy: Value from Digital Marketing

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