Mobile Marketing In Denver Colorado

Mobile Marketing In Denver Colorado

According to a recent report in Search Engine Land, mobile searches currently account for between 15-20 percent of all Internet query volume. It does not end there; a 2010 report by Morgan Stanley intimated that mobile devices sold annually were fast approaching the 1 billion mark. Add to that, the number of text messages sent daily exceeds the world’s entire population. If there is anything these numbers should impress upon you, it is the potential this has as a marketing tool!

Denver Mobile Marketing

Mobile device users, not just in Colorado, but all over the globe are almost always on and connected. They spend more time on their devices than they do in front of desktop computers or television, for that matter. If you run a start-up business or an established medium enterprise  in Denver, then you need to appreciate this unique potential to connect with your customers like never before. You now have the ability to build a 24/7 kind of working relationship with your customers in an affordable way.   By being in front of your customers on various fronts you’ll be sure to inspire brand loyalty.

It has to be noted at this point that mobile marketing would just be one channel that should fit in your overall marketing strategy. Meaning?  Don’t count on one area of marketing and forget the everything else.

Deployment of Mobile Marketing tools in Denver Colorado

Since our phones are never more than 3 feet from us for most of every day, a good place to start would be to set up a mobile friendly website. Customers can access useful information concerning new products and services, discount sales and technical information right from their mobile device and from there, you can choose any of the tools discussed below:

Text Message Alerts and updates

97 percent of texts are read within the first fifteen minutes! Going further, 91 percent of mobile users carry their devices all day. What this means that even though the average user finds reminders and alerts annoying, they will still read them. And that’s all you care about!

Text2win Promotions

This is another tool that always works no matter what. Almost everyone fancies their chances of winning the lottery or a poker game. Text2win initiatives would generate much needed publicity, not forgetting the royalties from the texts themselves.

Company Specific Mobile Apps

Smartphones are all the rage at the moment. There are apps for virtually anything. You could have a downloadable application allowing your customers to buy right from the app, or to share other vital information. linking back to your website available on popular websites or blogs. Moreover, you can take advantage of Social networking Apps such as Twitter and Facebook by having pages linking back to your website.

SMS Based Surveys

This is done by having texts sent to existing customers in attempt to get their feedback on your products and services. This would be a good way to find improvements to make in your business. Moreover, the customers who take part in these reviews would be endeared to your business and could turn out to be excellent brand ambassadors.

QR Codes

QR means quick response codes. They are a special type of bar codes which can be read by most smartphone with cameras and special apps. They contain hyperlinks that can link back to your site and provide customers with information such as your location, technical instructions, request coupons or just get general information on a specific product.

So as it can be seen there are various ways to use Mobile Marketing to help grow your business.  The bottom line is if you are not using Mobile marketing you will be left behind your competitors.

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