Local Mobile Apps: Online Consumer with Digital Marketing

Local Mobile Apps: Online Consumer with Digital Marketing

Many companies are waking up to the potential of the interactive consumer market. Not only are the numbers of users of on-line and Internet services soaring, but the majority of people who are subscribing to these services tend to be young, well-educated, and richer than average. In short, Local Mobile Apps make particularly good marketing targets.

Local Mobile AppsInteractive Media

Over the next three to five years, Local Mobile Apps is likely to become an increasingly significant part of the consumer marketing landscape, at least in the US. For many marketers it will present formidable opportunities. For those who cannot keep pace, it might pose a serious threat. It is therefore imperative that marketers begin to think about the role of interactive media in their industry, and prepare to take appropriate action. Interactive media is likely to revolutionize marketing for many consumer companies because it allows marketers to deliver real-time, personalized services and content, one consumer at a time.

Integrating With Current Business Plans

It is what we call Local Mobile Apps. Digital marketing leverages the unique and powerful characteristics of interactive media: it is addressable, meaning that each user can be identified and targeted separately; it allows for two-way interaction; services can be tailored for each individual customer; and purchases can be made and influenced on line. However, to capture the benefits of digital marketing, companies must integrate interactive media into their existing businesses and marketing programs. And that is difficult to achieve.

Revolutionary Marketing

Most consumer companies are struggling to know what to do and how. The old models of marketing simply do not work in this new world, and as a result most of today’s Local Mobile Apps applications are uninspiring (as anybody who has ever been on the Internet can probably attest), falling far short of the potential of interactive media. Research is being conducted to define a new marketing model that will help build and evaluate digital marketing applications.

Local Mobile Apps: Online Consumer with Digital Marketing

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